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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NOC, 1-2-3, Baby You and Me, Boy!

Guess what we got today?!?!

A little piece of paper with 3 beautiful letters on it:

Gus is so excited that he decided to throw an animal party! 

Cool it, Gus.  I know this is great news but that doesn't mean you need to go streaking around the neighborhood peeing on everything.  Geesh, try to keep it classy. 

So India's Central Adoption Resource Authority has issued their "Non-Objection Certificate", or NOC.  In other words, Holden's orphanage can now file his case with the court in Bangalore.  All we do is wait for a court date in India!  We could find out any day about a date and have 3 weeks notice to travel to India and appear before a judge and have him finalize our adoption of Holden... oh yeah, and MEET HOLDEN!!  After the court date,  it's a solid 60 days, and then Holden comes home for good. 

We are so close I can taste it!  Yes, a judge in Bangalore could, of course, choose to sit on the case for a few months before deciding on a date.  He could do that.  He could also murder puppies and push kids off swings and steal purses from old ladies.  OR...he could be a nice person who realizes it's in Holden's best interests to get this thing going and bring him home.  We'll see what happens.  We're certainly praying for a nice judge who loves kids and loves adoption and wants to get Holden home!  We hope you'll pray with us for this.

In other fun and just as exciting news, we got an update on Holden today with some new pictures taken just a week or two ago, I think.  He has gained almost two pounds and is doing great!  He's getting better at balancing on his knees and somehow, he's able to pull himself onto the couch from his knees and down again.  He's got some strong little arms!  He's wearing lower leg braces in some of his photos and doesn't seem too happy about this!  I know he'll need those if he has any chance of standing or scooting along with a walker.  He also wears special shoes, the report says.  I'm guessing to help continue to correct his club feet that still like to turn inwards?  Overall, he still seems to be happy and doing well with his foster family.  I just cannot wait until I can meet him in person for the court date visit.  I have dreamed about that day for so long.  We love our little boy so much already, and we can't wait to bring him home and spend every day loving him.  It's going to be a tough adjustment for everyone, but we're READY.  BRING IT ON!!! 

Now, I gotta go wrangle that dog.  He's smashing beer bottles against the wall.  This is getting out of control.


  1. Yay! So glad you got NOC! I know how long you have been waiting. I hope you get a court date soon! :)

  2. So excited to see this, made my day!

  3. YEAH! We will be praying for an expidited case and for his and your hearts! So exciting. What a day of rejoicing that will be when you MEET HIM! Thanks for sharing your wonderful news!

  4. Hi there! I stumbled across your blog this morning. My husband and I are adopting from India from the same state as your family. I'd love to chat by email if you'd be okay with that. You are a few steps ahead of us and I'd love to ask a few questions! :) Our email is Blessings to you!