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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day at the Beach

     A few weeks ago, Holden had his first real day at the beach.  His actual first day was windy and cold and went something like this:

     He had an ok time despite the pre-hurricane force winds, but it doesn't really feel like the beach unless you're sunbathing, swimming, and building sandcastles.  Grammy and Pappap were great sports, and Chris used a camouflage tarp of some sort to build us a terrific wind shelter as we all tried to act like jackets and 50 mph winds were the norm at the beach.  I love how Marines can witness any sort of problem, and then they'll just kind of pull out random tarps and tools and camouflage-pattern jiggymadoodles and get to work protecting and defending stuff.  It's awesome and cute (and of course, super manly.... mandorable, if you will)
     A week later, the weather was sunny and perfect, and Chris' family was in town for a visit.  We headed back to the beach for Round 2.  Holden had a great time! 
     And yep, I did just post an Extra-Large (as blogger so aptly put it) photo of myself in a swimsuit on my blog.  I think it's a nice family photo, and it documents our first day at the beach, and it hasn't been photo-shopped, and if anyone wants to debate whether or not nice Christian girls should wear bikinis at the beach, well... that's a whole different blog post altogether.  I'll debate the merits of special needs adoption and giving more of your money to children in need right back.
I'm on the fence about which topic is more important in the grand scheme of things. 
Swimsuits....children without parents...swimsuits...children mistreated....swimsuits...children dying...
It's a tough call, I'll give you that.


     Anyways, back to our amazing time at the beach. 

     There was this shallow pool of water just before the ocean that Holden and his cousins had a blast playing in. 

     Holden would start shivering within seconds of getting into the water, but he had so much fun, he didn't want to get out.  Chris and I would literally start saying, "Are his lips turning blue...?  I can't tell...?"

     "Alright, the sheer amount of shaking and shivering going on is ridiculous, we have got to get this kid out of the water and dry him off!"

     Shivering under his bundled towel, Holden would point, "Mama, water, Daaa, water,"  ready to go back in for more. 

     I love that spirit in Holden.  He is a child who easily ignores discomfort and finds the fun in everything!  He could be tired, hungry, stuck in another doctor's office waiting room...doesn't matter--he always finds something to laugh and joke about. 

He always finds the fun.

     Chris is an amazing dad.  I'll just throw that in there.  Holden has so much fun with him.  When Chris gets home, or Holden sees him first thing in the morning, he lights up:
I love to watch their relationship grow. 
This is Chris, Holden, and I with our nephews, Brayden (right) and Isaac.  Chris' mom said this picture makes it look like we could easily handle three kids -- like we've got it all under control. 
"Noooooooo-ooooooooohhhhhh!" I say. 
     We are a long way off from three kids!  We are still trying to get a handle on how this whole thing works with one kid.  Believe me, one kid is plenty enough.  I will now quit looking puzzled and confused and sad when I see and hear of only children.  I will instead give a look of understanding. 
Yes, one can be quite enough!
(God now folds his hands together and gives a slightly menacing chuckle...little do they know...)
Can God give menacing chuckles???  Once again, a topic for another blog post!


  1. I found your post via the controversial "bikini" post. I'm with you. I can focus on consent/sexual harassment/sexual assault... or I can worry about bathing suits? I'm sorry. I'm a little too preoccupied trying to help survivors of sexual assault and trying to educate men & women on consent to worry about if my bathing suit is "immodest." We all prioritize our social issues, and I feel like controlling women's clothing should be last on the list.

  2. Jealous of beach time! (It was below 50 degrees when I took my kids to school this morning . . . so it feels a long way from summer even though it's officially June.) I love your son's spirit of adventure and fun! And I'm not that much of a stickler about women wearing bikinis . . . but don't get me started on the padded bikini tops marketed to little girls, or the V*ctoria's S*cret line for tweens that carried suggestive words, etc. Now that gets me riled up.